1. Powerful enemies of all shapes and sizes populate the worlds of #Bayonetta 2, as this intricate concept art from the studio of Platinum Games illustrates.
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    How a handsome old guy.

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  6. ATLA&LOK Scenery - Southern and Northern Air Temple - Then and Now

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    Samus commission for Sirkai. Or, rather, for the friend of Sirkai who (congratulations) is getting married today!

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    Samus • Aran :by: OrjanHamre

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    Stunning background art from the Studio Ghibli film Princess Mononoke (もののけ姫) illustrated by the masterful Nizo Yamamoto (山本二三) and featured in his art book Nizo Yamamoto Background Illustrations (Amazon US | JP).

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    3D Printed Samus Aran “Varia Suit” by Chelsea Mills / Blog

    This perfect “Varia Suit” cosplay project took two years to design and build so check out the detailed creation thread HERE. You can also download the files you need to build your own, HERE.

    Holy crap!

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    I feel like green is an underrated colour

    like idk people seem to often go to red and purple and black and stuff but like

    just take a second to appreciate how pretty green is


    you’re damn right. Green is so gr8

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