1. gaksdesigns: Cinemagraphs by Lucajsphotography

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  3. awkwardsituationist:

    photos from eyes over africa by michael poliza (previously featured) taken above botswana’s okavango delta and namibia’s damaraland and soussusvlei.

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  4. Mirador de la Gargallosa |Gisclareny, Berguedà| - via bertlivephoto on Instagram

  5. Wip 2 - via maruti_bitamin on Instagram

  6. #tattoo done by the incredible @chrispricetattoos at Adrenaline. Couldn’t be more happy about it. #art #bodyart #chrispricetattoos - via cherology on Instagram

  7. Here is a section of the most recent LOST BOY piece from my book I am building. My buddy Raf is going to be making a 3D sculpt out of this beast. Excited! Stay tuned for the kickstarter later this year! Boom! - via ashthorp on Instagram

  8. Art class tattoo design tbh I might get this done - via queenplizard on Instagram

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    Gustavo’s Place

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  10. gbsketch:

    Day 838 – April 17th, 2014

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    the pit / zolloc

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    Wake Up/Escape from the Citadel promo by writer/storyboard artist Steve Wolfhard

    Adventure Time: Season 6 begins

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